Born and raised in Oakland, California, Rolondo D’Shawn Kingzley spent most of his life writing. As a teenager, he spent his high school years, reading manga, watching anime, drawing comic books and writing short stories and poetry. Soon after graduating from high school, he began a series of poetry books that were made up of short manuscripts. He often performed his literary works at community readings and open mics. As time passed Rolondo also invested countless hours in writing projects for his English & Creative writing courses while attending Los Positas College in Pleasanton, California. Inspired by his younger sister who is an illustrator and short story author of Manga Comics, Rolondo later wrote Make Out Bars by J. Zaraiya. Make Out Bars by J. Zaraiya tells the story of an author/ Martial arts instructor of meditation and self-defense who travels the continent of Asia documenting his life’s countless adventures and battles as well as romantic encounters with beautiful women in the midst of drinking & gambling. The poems, short stories & haiku are set to take place in rural Japan. Make Out Bars by J. Zaraiya Volume(s) 1 through 4 is Rolondo Kingzley’s most coveted masterpiece.